About us

Hey guys, welcome to Our Bucket List Adventure!

We’re Charley & Marcus and this is our lifestyle & travel blog. We love to travel, experience new things, and adventure both at home and away.

We live on the South Coast of England and whilst there is plenty to explore right on our doorstep, we can’t resist a trip away. Be it a weekend in Europe or 12 weeks around the Americas.

Our challenge at the moment is juggling work and home life in the UK with our constant desire to explore new places and tick off as many items on our bucket list as possible… 

When we do get the opportunity to go away, we squeeze every ounce of experience in that we can, from flying in a seaplane over Miami to exploring the beautiful streets of Lisbon. We love the fact our trips are action packed and we want to use our little blog to share our explorations, inspire you to travel but also keep you posted on all the happenings in our life! 

The dream is to travel more, do good and inspire others to explore this amazing world we live in. So follow our journey and hopefully we can inspire you to visit, do, and explore more! 

Keep scrolling for a bit more about us…

Hey, I’m Charley! 

I grew up in a small village in Cambridgeshire where everyone knows everyone and the requirement to drive was ESSENTIAL! After passing my test when I was 17, I made sure I got the most out of having a car and drove everywhere I possibly could… I’m pretty certain that village life fuelled my drive to want to explore. Seeing what was outside the small confines of a village was so intriguing and luckily thanks to my very generous parents, I was able to visit some pretty amazing places as a child.

With a few (pretty epic) school trips under my belt and lots of amazing family holidays, both in the UK and Europe, I was certain I needed to travel more. I wanted to explore, take pictures, experience new cultures and try lots of new food! So when I was 18, I took my first world trip, with two of my friends, on the typical Gap Year route across Asia, Australia and New Zealand. I thought maybe after five months of travel I would be happy to go off to uni and start a career BUT those five months only spurred me on… I wanted to travel all over the globe, visit all the continents and continue exploring all these amazing places and cultures. 

After coming home with ZERO pounds to my name, I thought it was time to get a summer job and save a bit before starting uni in September. Little did I know, that’s where I would meet Marcus…

Hi, I’m Marcus!

I was born and raised in Chichester, a small ‘city’ on the South Coast of England. The city doesn’t feature the hustle and bustle you might expect but it is a pretty great place to grow up. Chichester is only a few miles from the beach and is surrounded by the South Downs National Park, meaning my childhood (and adult life) has consisted of loads of adventure! 

Throughout my 25 years, I’ve always loved to travel and after seeing some amazing places, both far and wide, throughout my childhood, I knew I wanted to see more! Growing up we took many trips to Greece (which has certainly fueled my love for that turquoise ocean) and when I was 12, my parents brought a place in Tenerife, where my family spent many summers exploring all the beauty it has to offer. Char and I still make regular trips to this beautiful island;it’s our home away from home. 

After studying History at school, I was so intrigued by different cultures and wanted to see what was out there but uni was a must and until 2016, travel remained more short term, so weekend breaks and family holidays were about as far as it stretched for me. 

In September 2013, after taking a year out, I headed off to Southampton University to study History and this is where I met Char…

OUR journey – where it all began, 

Marcus and I met in September 2013. We were the same age (19), and after both taking a gap year (Marcus’ unintended) we found ourselves living in the same halls at the same university… We hit it off from the first moment we met and after a year of being besties, we finally took the plunge and made it official! 

It wasn’t until Marcus and I were in our second year of university that we realised we both loved travelling, and spent hours talking about all the places we’d one day love to visit.

With travel at the forefront of our minds, we made the decision to go away straight after we graduated. We had a few holidays whilst we were at uni but this was the first big trip we took together; seven weeks travelling around Europe.

I’ve always been told that once you go travelling, it’s almost impossible to not catch the travel bug and that’s exactly what happened to us! We had the most amazing seven weeks and couldn’t wait to travel more but needed to save more money before we could go anywhere else. 

Marcus went on to study for his Masters a few weeks after we returned, but we had big plans for where we’d go next, we just needed to save. Fast forward 16 months and we boarded our flights to South America, the start of our three months adventure across the Atlantic. 

Since returning in 2018, the travel has really slowed for us with the odd weekend break or European holiday BUT the dream is still there. We will continue to travel whilst also making our home here in the UK. 

Stay tuned as the journey continues… 

Love Char & Mar xxx

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