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British Getaways: An overnight stay in East Sussex – the ultimate guide

Back in March, right before lockdown’s were announced worldwide, we took a trip along the south coast to East Sussex!

We found this lovely little b&b on and thought why not! So after booking our accommodation only the night before, we jumped in our car and drove 2 hours along the coast to explore a bit more of our neighbouring county.

I can imagine some of the area is frequently overlooked as it sits very close to Brighton and the South Downs National Park, also fab places to visit! BUT Eastbourne is a great place for a little overnight stay and the surrounding countryside is beautiful!

Here’s some of the things we got up to on our visit to Eastbourne, East Sussex.

1. Butts Brow to Beachy Head

East Sussex is full of beautiful walks, especially those that lead you to the coast. Take a stroll from Butts Brow to Beachy Head where you will be met with chalky cliffs that lead to pebble beaches and some beautiful views across the English Channel.

Beachy Head is also a great place to visit itself. There are loads of walks along the coast, a restaurant/cafe/shop area and plenty of parking!

Make sure you check out the lighthouse (it’s pretty hard to miss!).

2. Seven Sisters and Birling Gap

Slightly further along the coast, you will find Seven Sisters country park. Again there are plenty of walks around here and when the tide is out, you can even stroll along the beach at Birling Gap.

East Sussex coastline is lined with chalky cliffs so make sure you take in the spectacle of them when you’re visiting!

3. Eastbourne Town

Just past Brighton, you will find Eastbourne, a quintessential seaside town. Featuring a traditional pier, plenty of fish and chip shops and everything else you could expect when visiting the English seaside.

We took a stroll along the beach, stopping at a seaside cafe for a cuppa and cake! There’s a bandstand where outdoor gigs take place in summer and plenty of beachfront hotels for you to stay in! Although we chose to stay in the most gorgeous b&b slightly further away.

4. British pubs

Nothing says British more than a countryside pub!

Make sure you check out the local eateries, including the lovely pubs dotted around Eastbourne and the surrounding villages.

5. Friston Forest

East Sussex isn’t just about the coastline, there’s plenty inland for you to explore. We went for a walk at Friston Forest, the walk itself was lovely and there’s a couple of different routes depending on your ability.

Be warned, if the weather has been as wet as it was when we visited, you may have to drive through a few VERY large puddles to get to the car park!

6. Cuckmere Haven

One of East Sussex’s more famous spots. Cuckmere Haven is a beautiful floodplain that leads to a pebble beach.

You can walk from the top of the flood plains all the way to the sea. The walk is pretty windy in the colder months so wrap up!!

Have you ever been to East Sussex?

East Sussex is a pretty big county in comparison to the small area we visited, and so we will definitely be back to explore more of the area, including Hastings and beyond!!

If you’ve ever been to East Sussex, let us know what you got up to!

As we may get an opportunity to visit more places in our home country over the coming months, we thought we’d kick off a new series of posts on our blogs about places within the UK that we’ve already been fortunate enough to visit! Hopefully it will give you some inspiration when deciding where your next British Isles trip will be!

Adios for now,

Char & Mar x

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