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Sunset seeker – 10 top tips for catching the best sunsets

There is nothing better than watching the sun set over the horizon. There’s just something so magical about watching the day turn to night and seeing all those colours cascade across the sky.

We’ve been very fortunate to see some of the most amazing sunsets (and sunrises), not only during our travels but also at home as well. The best thing about them, is there’s no excuse not to see one. There is always somewhere nearby that will act as your own personal sunset cinema.

You don’t have to be on a beautiful island or up in the mountains to see one (although this can help set the scene). Sunsets are wherever you want to find them – just make the effort and you will see!

We thought what better way to expand on our instagram post, than to post our top tips for catching the best sunsets…!

Budapest giving us all the feels with this cloudy sunset!

Here are some of our tips for seeking those beautiful sunsets:

1. Find a hidden spot

There are some incredible well renowned sunset spots across the world, but we find some of our favourites have been from places that are not as well known. There’s something so special about enjoying a beautiful sunset, just you and the surrounding nature. Dodge all those tourists and other sunset seekers and find a spot where you can enjoy the moment to yourself.

If you can work out roughly where the sun is going to set, it’s super easy to find a spot where you can watch it from. Try local places, such as a park on a hill, or a hidden cove. You never know what you might witness!

2. Don’t be afraid of clouds

Clouds do not always mean a bad/no sunset. So long as it isn’t full cloud cover, you might get to witness a pretty amazing sight.

Some of my favourite sunsets have been on the evenings when the clouds are partially covering the sun and the sky. You will often find these are the nights when the sky is lit up in all shades of pinks and purples or reds and oranges!

3. Timing is EVERYTHING

It’s so easy to miss a sunset by being slightly too late. Use weather apps as a guide as most will tell you the time the sun will set. This means you can plan accordingly.

We always try to get to our sunset viewing spot a little while before, and then we nearly always wait until the sky is getting dark before heading off. We find some of the best sunset colours are actually once the sun has disappeared over the horizon!

Beautiful Brighton shortly after the sun had disappeared over the horizon.

4. No sunset is the same

Just because you’ve seen a sunset in the same place before, doesn’t mean you’re going to see the exact same thing. All sunsets are different. They vary hugely dependent on the weather, the temperature, the time of year – so don’t be ashamed to head to the same sunset spot time after time again!

5. Don’t forget protection!

And by that we mean sunglasses, sun cream etc. The sun can still be super hot and powerful even when low in the sky so make sure you protect your skin and eyes well. There’s nothing worse than going to watch sunset and not actually being able to see anything because you forgot your sunglasses!!

6. Enjoy the moment

It’s so easy to get caught up in getting that perfect shot – believe me I’ve done it a hundred times! Mar always tries to remind me to be present and actually take in what we’re seeing, rather than just watching through a lens and looking back now, I’m so glad he does. I have some of the most amazing memories engrained in my brain of the most beautiful sunsets – I don’t have to rely on a picture to remind me what it really looked and felt like!

Top tip – Take a few pictures, and then switch off your device for a while. Let’s face it – pictures never quite do sunsets justice anyway! You will enjoy the moment so much more and trust me the sunset picks will all look the same if you take one every 30 seconds – wait a while before taking a couple more, and then repeat the process.

7. Do a timelapse

If you’re really worried about missing that beautiful sun going down and want to treasure the moment forever, do a time-lapse of the whole thing. This way, you can focus on what’s ahead rather than looking through a lens, and you can keep it forever (well hopefully!).

8. Set up a tripod (or prop your phone up)

To make sure you really get a chance to take it all in (or to get that perfect solo/couple shot without pestering another person) set up a tripod or prop up your phone. This kills two birds with one stone… 1) you don’t have to rely on strangers camera skills or use up their time when they should be watching the sunset to get a decent picture 2) it means you’re not as distracted by the camera and spend more time watching the sun disappearing over the horizon.

Taken from the balcony of our hotel on the Albanian Riviera.

9. Explore your options

Although I did say earlier that no sunset is the same and you shouldn’t be ashamed to go back to the same place more than once, there are so many opportunities to see a sunset from different perspectives so make sure you explore your location options. Try up high in the hills or down low on a beach – you can see so many different versions of the same sunset purely based on where you choose to watch it.

10. Don’t forget about sunrise

Whilst we are massive sunset seekers, we are also incredibly early risers and love catching the sun coming up in the mornings too!

These tips all apply for sunrises as well, so if you fancy that early wake up call, wake up with the world and watch the sun come up!

Where was your favourite sunset moment?

The sun rises and sets over every single inch of the earth so there are no excuses for not seeing one every now and again.

As we’re all currently stuck at home, try and find your local sunset spot to watch the sun go down in your own part of the world!

Let us know where your favourite sunset (or sunrise) spot is?

Adios for now & stay safe!

Char & Mar x

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