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7 ways to spruce up your home during lockdown on a budget – our top tips

Since moving in together last April, we’ve been constantly searching for ways to have our home how we want it without breaking the bank. It hasn’t been easy but it’s definitely saved us a few bucks!

After being in our house a whole year, we’re finally at a point where we have all of our furniture and fixings in place, but that doesn’t mean we don’t like a freshen up every now and again!

Lockdown has made us want to re-decorate several rooms in the house so we’re making the most of this time we have to get on top of all those odd jobs that need doing around the house, whilst making any changes and updates we fancy making!

We thought it might be nice to share a few of our tips and tricks for creating your home exactly how you want it on a budget!

Here’s 7 ways to spruce up your home on a budget!

1. Put up or refresh your photos

I absolutely LOVE having pictures covering our walls. They show all the amazing things we’ve done throughout our relationship; we have pictures of our family, friends, travels and places we love. There isn’t a single room in the house that doesn’t have a least one picture of us or somewhere we’ve been.

Lockdown has been the perfect opportunity for us to refresh some of these pictures. We’ve put up a new photo gallery as you go up the stairs and moved/updated some of the picture we have downstairs too.

This is the perfect time to get some of those photos you have stored away on your phone or laptop up on the walls and around the house!

I order most of my prints from Photobox but there’s plenty of options and they’re all still operating even during Covid! You can also pick up relatively cheap frames on ebay or amazon – but make sure to read the reviews first!! I always find with frames you pay for what you get!

2. Freshen up the paintwork!

Chuck on some painting gear and get out a paintbrush, there’s never been a better time to touch in or freshen up your walls; whether its a whole new colour or just touching in.

I think it’s pretty much impossible to keep your walls completely mark free but it’s definitely worth giving them a fresh lick of paint every now and again.

Our house is all white – every. single. wall. Something that we’ve been wanting to change for a while but just hadn’t got round to it! Now we have no excuse! We’ll be touching in all the marks on the walls we’re keeping white and adding colour to some of our rooms with a whole new paintjob.

A lot of hardware stores are re-opening in the UK so perfect chance to pick up some paint for the house!

3. Plant some flowers

Let’s not forget the garden (although, you don’t even need a garden to be able to do this one…)!

Planting some flowers is not only a therpeautic activity (imo) but it can make a garden, window sill or balcony look so much fresher and prettier.

If we’re going to be spending all this time at home, we might as well make it as much of a blissful sanctuary as possible, right?! So far, we’ve planted some new hanging baskets and are on the hunt for a new planter too!

In the UK, there’s loads of nurserys and garden centres that are delivering plants and compost right to your door!

4. Switch things up

Just because something has always had its own place, doesn’t mean it has to stay there forever! Why not try moving around appliances in your kitchen, putting your bed or sofa in a different place / position or moving some of your decor around!

I had a complete switch around in our kitchen the other day because I was fed up of clutter and it’s like a completely different space! It’s so nice to have a room that now feels so different without spending a penny! Moving a bed, putting up a shelf or swapping some pictures around can make all the difference.

5. Upcycling your furniture

We are HUGE advocats of upcycling. It was 100% our go to when we first moved in. We’ve upcycled, chairs, stools, a butchers block, garden planters and even made our own table!

We understand that it’s not feesible for everyone but it’s definitely an easy way to spruce up furniture without spending too much. Tired looking chairs, mirrors, chest of drawers? They can all look great with a sand down and coat of paint or some wood stains.

Whether you’re going for sleek and sophisticated or shabby chic, pintrest will provide you with all the inspo!!

6. Fresh sheets?

Who doesn’t love fresh sheets? Well why not go one better and treat yourself to some new bedding! Seing as we spend such a large proportion of the day sleeping, you might as well make it a nice little haven.

We do NOT skimp on bedding as we know it’s so valuable to a good nights sleep, but there are some fantastic deals about for some amazing bedding sets! Check out La Redoute or H&M that have lovely washed cotton and linen bedding sets available!

Towels are another one that’s worth treating yourself to every now and again. We love super soft, fluffy towels and fancied a change so we’ve swapped our usual towels for the ones we have for guests! You will not believe the difference it has made – it feels like we’ve got brand new towels!

Check out Sainsbury’s Home for some great towels that feel lovely but aren’t too expensive! We recommend the bath sheet sized towels – they’re so big and cosy!

7. Orangise your cupboards

What better time for a spring clean… The weather is getting warmer, so swap that winter wardrobe for your summer bits and whilst doing so give your closet a bit of a clear out! Not only will it make you feel better, your clothes will be all tidy!

Don’t stop there – use this time wisely and get all your storage in check. We’ve gone all Marie Kondo on our house, organising our larder cupboard and even the bathroom shelf!

We bought glass storage jars from Tesco and some chalk labels from Amazon for all of our baking supplies and it has made the cupboard look so much tidier! As for the bathroom, we picked up some bargain glass bottles with cork lids to keep our bubble bath in – the bathroom looks so much cleaner now!

Have you used lockdown to give your house a refresh?

What better way to make use of all this time we have at home to give our house the freshen up it’s been needing, all while being cheap yet effective!

How have you been sprucing up your house? We love to hear about cheap and innovative ways to decorate and make changes at home!

Adios for now and stay safe!

Char & Mar x

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