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8 ways to mix up those Lockdown date nights

If you’re fortunate to be isolating with your partner – and you’re not at the stage of wanting to kill each other yet (tips on how to avoid this here) – then you might have considered introducing at home date nights. Not only does it stop each day blurring into another, it gives you something to look forward to and maybe even get dressed up for!

We tried our best to have regular date nights when life was a little more normal but things get in the way and it can become expensive. However, now that we’re in Lockdown, we don’t really have an excuse, plus our outgoings have significantly reduced, so we thought we might as well make the most of this strange time and put a bit more effort into our time together!

Cue the start of at home date nights!

We’re going to try and mix them up as much as possible, which means not revolving each ‘date’ around food…! We haven’t done that many date nights so far but we’re aiming for one a week as we think that’s pretty achievable right now!

Here’s some fun ways to mix up your lockdown date nights:

1. Make an effort

Get out of that loungewear that you’ve been wearing 24/7 since the beginning of lockdown. Wash your hair, shave yours legs, trim your beard – do whatever you want to make yourself look and feel a bit more special!

I’ve hardly worn ‘normal’ clothes since the start of lockdown but on the few occasions that I have put on a dress or a pair of jeans, my mood seems to be lifted slightly and I feel like I’m actually doing something other than lounging at home!

2. Create your own Dinner Date

I’m sure most people have heard of the TV programme Dinner Date – well why not have your own. Come up with a menu (one, two or three courses) and cook something for your parter – you could even make the courses a surprise!

Mar and I did this last week; he cooked me the most delicious meal and I had no idea what we were having until I sat down at the table! It’s a great way to make your evening meal a little more exciting!

3. Add a theme

On the topic of dinner dates – why not theme your date night! I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of inspiration on Instagram… we’ve seen people having Mexican themed nights with tequila and tacos or Venetian themed nights with pasta and wine!

You could even go the extra mile and dress up for the occasion. Making that themed night even more fun!

4. Have a games night

Mar and I both LOVE games night, whether it’s a game of cards, scrabble or a quiz! It’s the perfect way to spend some quality time together and there are plenty of games perfect for just two people!

Grab a glass of vino and dust of the scrabble board for date night!

5. Do a cocktail masterclass

You do not need to go to your local bar or restaurant to try this one, just a selection of cocktail ingredients. This is one might be a little more pricey if you don’t have the right ingredients but who doesn’t love a delicious cocktail to enjoy in the evening (or day – no judging here).

We love making strawberry daiquiris or passionfruit martinis!

6. Create an in house spa!

Most people have access to bath robes and a bubble bath! So pick up some face masks, or make them if you’re feeling creative, and spend some time relaxing at Spa de Casa!

7. Treat yourself to a ‘pub’ drink

Head to The Garden Arms, The Lounge Tavern or The Kitchen Inn to enjoy a nice beverage – be it a nice cold beer, a delicious glass of red or one of those cocktails you’ve just made!

Put out some bar snacks (aka crisps) and some back ground music, and you won’t know the difference!

You can even get creative and make a makeshift bar from which you can serve and receive your drinks.

8. Dine alfresco

Make the most of the lovely weather we’ve been experiencing in the UK and treat yourself to a day or evening date dining in your own garden.

Lay out a blanket, grab some Prosecco and dine on the lawn picnic style, or set up your outdoor furniture in a restaurant style and head to Gardinia (our latest holiday destination…) for dinner alfresco!

You might even want to put up some fairy lights if the sun is going down!

How are you doing date night?

Lockdown is hardly ideal but let’s make the most of this strange situation and embrace the quality time we’re getting to spend with loved ones!

We’d love to hear how your making your date nights at home a bit more fun!

Adios for now, and stay safe!

Char & Mar x

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