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How to survive lockdown (and travel) as a couple – our top tips

Are you tired of seeing your instagram feed filled with all your favourite travel couples cosying up at home, enjoying that isolation life? Well, we’re going to let you in on a little home truth… Being with someone 24/7 is certainly a lot harder than it looks (even if you’ve travelled the world with them).

Being with ANYONE constantly is going to have its pros and cons. And whilst the majority of us will argue when that ‘anyone’ is your other half it’s probably going to be slightly easier than most, there will still be times when you just need to have a little breather or some alone time (something we DEFINITELY recommend!).

We’ve lived together (both as a couple and at uni with friends) and travelled together, but not even that will fully prepare you for this situation that we find ourselves in currently! Being in lockdown means for the past three weeks we have spent almost every hour of every day together… but as time goes on we’re using strategies (old and new) to make this strange situation a little less intense.

These tips can definitely be applied to travel together too. Some Most of these things we find help massively when we’re exploring the world, especially on trips that last longer than your average holiday!

Disclaimer: we're not relationship experts and these are just some things that work for us! 

Here are our top tips to surviving lockdown (travel) with your other half…without killing them!

1. Communicate

Make sure you tell your other half how you’re feeling – whether you’re feeling down, angry, frustrated, excited, happy, sad. Make sure you tell them!

It’s so easy when you’re with someone all the time to bottle things up and not actually let them know how you’re feeling. Whether you’ve had a good or bad day. How the impact of the news and social media is affecting you. That you’ve seen something positive that might brighten both of your moods.

As we met when we were pretty young and we used to be pretty rubbish at communicating. As a typical girl, I always thought Mar could read my mind, spoiler alert… he can’t! But after uni, when we were in the ‘long distance’ period of our relationship, we realised communication was key and are 100% using those skills we learnt back then to better manage during lock down!

2. It’s okay to want to have your space

Mar and I love spending time together; if anything exciting happens, he’s always the person I want to tell first, so who better to be locked down with than him! However, it would be crazy to expect any human being to spend every waking hour with one particular person; we all need that ME time. Be it to read a book, catch up on some tv, have a bath or do some exercise.

We think that a little time apart each day is really helping us. Mar will watch programmes or video call friends and I like listening to audiobooks or sitting in the sun (thanks to this glorious sunny weather).

Don’t feel bad for wanting to spend some time with just you. There’s nothing wrong with it and it can really help make that time together feel much less intense!

3. Do things together

This might sound a bit contradictory considering tip #2 was to embrace some time apart but hear me out.

In normal everyday (not lockdown) life, do you usually get to cook with your other half? Or spend a whole day lazing on the sofa together binge watching series? Or exercising together? Well if your answer is no, then lockdown provides you with the perfect reason to actually start doing these things together – the things you’ve always wanted to do as a couple!

Spend a bit of this crazy time doing things you never usually get to do together!

4. Don’t compare yourself

You may see your friends or influencers on social media doing loads of ‘fun’ things whilst in lockdown. Unfortunately there will always be someone who has more space, better amenities at home, or fun ideas hidden up their sleeve. But don’t compare yourself!

This goes for anything on social media! Don’t ever feel like you aren’t good enough because someone else is doing something bigger or better on their insta story! People often only post the highlights of their life and it’s important to remember that!

That doesn’t mean you can’t pinch their ideas and use it as inspiration to find some fun things you and your other half / family to do at home. We’ve discovered games we can play in the evenings, we’ve been inspired to take up new hobbies (i.e. colouring and puzzles) and also are motivated to workout more!

5. Try not to take your emotions out on your other half

Real talk…This is something I (Char) am a bit guilty of doing. Whether I’m hangry or frustrated by being stuck inside, I have a tendency to take it out on Mar. Thankfully he’s pretty good at dealing with my moods but it’s definitely something I’m trying to work on.

It’s so easy to take your emotions out on the person you’re closest to but in this situation, more than most, it should be avoided. Again, go back to the communicating tip and try to express your feelings without taking it out on them!

6. Work as a team

You’re both in this situation together, so why not make it a little easier and work as a team. I’m sure most couples do this anyway, but when you’re usually at the office during all day or have other commitments that take up most of your time, it’s definitely easy to get into a routine, having set chores that you and your partner do, whether that’s because one is better at it than the other or it was unintentionally allocated… This definitely counts as team work and playing to each others strengths – something that can come in super handy when travelling!

But why not try something different when in lock down? Although some tasks will always be better suited to one person in the couple, it’s definitely worth using this time to mix things up! You might even realise your other half has some hidden talents!

7. Socialise with your own friendship groups (albeit remotely)

This one has been pretty hard for most of us to get our heads round. We’re so used to being able to pop round a friends for a cuppa, or head to the pub for a pint after work BUT with everyone in lockdown we’re all learning to socialise virtually.

It’s always going to be important to have those separate friends, for girls to discuss those things that only girls discuss and for boys, well, to be boys!

Mar and I are having weekly calls with various groups of our joint friends, but we’re also making time for our individual friendship groups! Not only does this mean you get to stay in touch with friends but it also gives you a bit of time apart to interact with people other than each other!

8. Treat yourselves

Just because you’re in lockdown doesn’t mean you can’t still have that special date night or treat every now and again. We’ve been trying to have a least one evening a week just for us. We either order a takeaway or have a special treat meal at home, especially as we’re not going out and spending much during the week!

That date night evening gives us something to look forward to each week and helps keep us sane during lockdown!

9. Embrace this strange time

It’s a weird time we’re living in, and being in lock down must be incredibly difficult for some (if not most) people, especially those living alone or apart from their loved ones.

So we think you should embrace this time together; use it as an opportunity to work on yourself, and each other as a couple!

It’s starting to feel a little more normal for us, but we’re still making the most of it, spending quality time together that we sometimes let slip, cooking together, enjoying series together and enjoying our one slot of exercise a day together!

How are you finding lockdown with your other half?

We’re certainly not a perfect couple but these things are really helping us cope better with spending an unusual amount of time together!

If you have any tips on how to survive lockdown as a couple, we’d love to hear them!

Adios for now, and stay safe!

Char & Mar x

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