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Keeping fit during lockdown – 7 workout apps we use and love

Fitness… definitely not a word you usually hear us say but this whole lockdown thing is having quite the effect on us. We’re certainly not personal trainers, nutritionists or anyone with even a slight idea what they’re doing. However, as we’re all stuck at home so much more than usual, we’ve been turning our attention to improving our fitness.

Since Christmas we’ve both attempted to make a bit more effort, but this thing called life just kept getting in the way. We kept making excuses etc etc. It wasn’t until Marcus decided to get a gym membership at the beginning of March that we actually started to take it seriously. Ofc it was only two weeks before the whole country went into lockdown… so we were back to square one and time to start motivating ourselves to do home work outs!

It can be really hard to self-motivate, especially when the sofa or bed is usually within reaching distance to your ‘workout spot’, but we’ve found when combined with a daily walk, it really helps boost our mood and we feel better for it, both physically and mentally.

Like I said, we’re not fitness professionals but we’ve come across a few apps / individuals that we really like to follow and thought as many will be in the same boat as us, we’d share these with you all!

Here’s a few of our favourites to follow.

1. Les Mills

Now this one won’t be for everyone as it’s not free BUT it’s certainly one of my favourites. I’ve been using it on and off since last year and I just love the diversity of the workouts. My personal faves our Body Combat and Sh’bam (dance workout).

I pay about £12 a month, which I think is a pretty good investment if it’s going to be your main source of workouts during the lockdown period, and you can cancel at any time!

You can use the code: happyskill79 to sign up for a 30 day free trial by clicking here! 

2. Nick B – Fitness Trainer (Instagram @fitncb)

Marcus discovered Nick’s workouts a week or so ago and loves them! They won’t replace the gym but if you have free weights and resistances bands, they’re perfect to stay in shape without the luxury of gym machines.

We did the ab workout and literally couldn’t even laugh the next day – our abs were worked SO hard!

3. Results Wellness Lifestyle (Instagram @rwl)

This one may be better suited to women but it’s great all the same! Lucy and her team of fitness professionals have set up a weekly timetable which provides a free live stream workout everyday of the week! There’s everything from legs, bums and tums to yoga.

I’ve been doing Lucy’s workouts for a few years and love them! So the fact that they’re currently being offered for free is a real bonus!

4. Gym apps

We can’t speak for all gyms but Marcus goes to Nuffield (usually) and through their app, they’ve provided masses of fitness material for gym goers to do whilst the gyms are shut. Everything from some free Les Mills classes, to wellbeing classes too!

If you did attend a gym that is currently shut – see if they’re offering anything on their app, socials or website. You might be surprised!

5. Insta fitness influencers

You may have noticed a few pop up on your feed already but there’s loads of fitness influencers who are offering free workouts to help people stay fit at home without having to spend a thing!

I like workouts by Grace Beverly (Shreddy and B_nd), Louise Thompson (Live Like Louise) and Alice Liveing, but there’s all sorts online at the moment, including workouts by Oliver Proudlock (MIC) and other influencers who are sharing some of their fave ways to keep fit.

6. Yoga with Adriene

It’s not all about staying physically fit, your mental wellbeing is important too. Although Yoga targets both those areas, I feel it’s a really great way to switch off from all the craziness that’s going on and just become a yogi for a few moments.

Again, I’m not a yoga expert, but Mar and I both like Adrienne’s 30 days to Yoga workouts on Youtube – we can watch them on the TV which is great as it means we’re not both fighting to see a tiny iPhone or iPad screen.

7. Joe Wicks – The Body Coach

This one may be a little controversial as I’m aware a lot of people don’t really like the Body Coach workouts / diet plans etc. BUT, I personally really enjoy them. 20 min HIIT is perfect for me if I really can’t be bothered.

And he’s doing such an amazing job at the moment. #PEwithJoe is such a fantastic idea – what a great way to keep all those kids currently off school fit whilst also raising money for the NHS!

How are you keeping fit and healthy during lock-down?

This is just one of the ways we’re keeping our mind and body busy during this strange period. Exercise is definitely helping us remain positive about the situation whilst feeling a little better in ourselves.

Let’s hope it puts us into enough of a routine that it continues post lock-down!

What are you doing to keep fit and healthy at the moment? Let us know as we’re always looking for new workouts to try!

Adios for now, and STAY SAFE!!

Char & Mar x

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