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Covid-19 – How to make the most of social distancing

Seeing as there’s a travel ban and pretty much every country is either in lock-down or asking people to social distance, we thought it might be a little more fitting to fill you in on how we’re spending this unusual amount of time at home!

It’s a pretty daunting time for us all, and despite all the unanswered Coronavirus questions, we’re doing as we’re told and staying home as much as possible.

Over the past year, we’ve found lots of pastimes that involve us being in and around our house – so what better time to share these than now!

Here’s what we’re doing to make the most of social distancing, and maybe you can try some of these too!

We’ll include a little about the activity / pastime and then a bit about what we do or enjoy most about it!

Keeping active:

1. Go for a walk / run / cycle

It’s pretty hard to be cooped up all day, especially as lots of us are working from home, have children off school or are just being precautious. Why don’t you take a quick 20 minute walk, run or cycle to get yourself out the house and get that heart rate going!

Just don’t go anywhere too crowded – be responsible whilst getting some fresh air!

Marcus and I are both on a mission to keep up our 10k steps a day, and so a walk after work is the perfect way to stretch our legs, get a little fresh air and contribute towards that all important step count!

2. Do a home workout

With all gyms shut, it’s going to be difficult for some to find the motivation to get that workout in but just remember you will feel so much better for it! Whether it’s 5 minutes or 50 minutes, it will all help improve your physical, and mental, health. There’s loads of free workouts available from various people including Joe Wicks and Results with Lucy, or you may want to sign up to a service such as Les Mills (I use this all the time, and love it!).

You can do anything from HIIT to yoga – just get your body moving!

We try and get our workouts in first thing as it really helps motivate us for a day of working!

3. Get up and dance / sing

This one may sound a little silly, but dancing and singing is such a good way to boost your mood and increase your energy levels. You may feel silly at first, but you’re in the comfort of your own home, so dance like no-one is watching (literally)!

I’m constantly dancing round the house, and dragging Mar along with me! It’s a great way to pick yourself up, and even helps you keep fit!

Fuel for the soul

4. Read a book

With plenty of time on our hands, it’s the perfect opportunity to get stuck into a good book. Pick up that book you’ve been meaning to read for ages, download a new kindle read or listening to something on audible!

We both try and read as much as possible but sometimes life gets in the way and our eyes are just too sleepy before bed. Now we don’t have an excuse, so we’re both digging into those books we never quite found the time to finish!

5. Get in the kitchen

Cooking or baking is a great way to spend your time indoors. Make up a new recipe or follow an old favourite – and don’t forget the bonus of cooking is there’s something delicious (hopefully) to enjoy afterwards!

We both love cooking, so are really enjoying spending a bit more time in the kitchen. We have plenty of time to plan our meals and make some exciting recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

6. Play a game / make a puzzle

Board games are such a great way to cure boredom. They can be fun and competitive, and the whole family can get involved.

As there’s only two of us, we stick to playing cards or doing a puzzle. We’ve recently picked up two puzzles from our a local charity shop, so are really excited to start those one evening soon!

7. Make a cuppa and put your feet up!

Let’s do what Brits do best and put the kettle on. There’s nothing more relaxing (for me anyway) than having a nice cup of tea (or coffee), putting my feet up and just taking five minutes to do absolutely nothing!

We’re both trying not to drink too much caffeine, but I guess if that’s the worse thing for us to come out of this pandemic, then I think i’ll be pretty happy!

8. Get creative

Whether it’s painting, drawing or even colouring – it’s a great way to engage the mind whilst providing a therapeutic activity to pass the time.

I (Char) have recently bought myself a Millie Marotta colouring book to keep me occupied when the cabin fever starts to kick in!

9. Stay connected

Ring an old friend or Facetime your family, with time on our hands there’s no excuse for not staying in touch! And now’s a time when some might need that contact more than usual!

We’ve been using the app Houseparty to chat to our friends, you can have up to eight people in a chat and there’s even games and quizzes you can play!

10. Relax in front of the box

Now this won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but this is the time to catch up on all that TV that you just simply haven’t had time to watch! Kick back in the evening and enjoy an episode of something you’ve been dying to see, check out the latest Netflix documentary or watch a film with a glass of wine in hand!

We love watching series together, so it’s been perfect for us to actually sit together and watch some tele!

Home improvements

We love doing bits and bobs around the house, so what better time to get on with those home improvements you’ve been meaning to do for ages… Here’s a few ideas of what you can get up in and around the home!

10. Freshen up the garden

Spring is here, so it’s the perfect time to get those gardening gloves on and give the garden the spruce it desperately needs after the winter! Cut and feed the grass, plant some flowers and get out the garden furniture – you’re going to want a nice little haven to enjoy those warm spring afternoons over the coming months!

Our garden isn’t huge so we have to keep it tidy and maximise the space whilst we can. We’ve just laid some grass seed as our garden gets a lot of moss growing in the winter months, so it’s now a waiting game to see the fresh grass appear! Hopefully it won’t look like this forever…!

11. Treat the house to a lick of paint

When you’re stuck indoors for such a long period, the small marks, paint chips and faded colours become a lot more noticeable to you (even if no-one else would see them). Take the opportunity to touch in the walls, or paint them entirely, repaint your fences and make your house feel like a brand new home!

We’re doing both the inside and outside during this social distancing period as we have plenty of time on our hands! The fence out the front is getting a re-fresh and the walls inside are being re-painted to make it feel fresh and clean!

12. Get on the up-cycling hype!

We are HUGE fans of up-cycling, and will DIY wherever we can to cut costs! Now’s the perfect time to refresh the garden furniture with a new coat of paint or give your old sideboard a shabby-chic new look.

We’re doing a fair bit around the house at the moment, this includes painting our planters and garden furniture! We’re hopefully going to make some wooden covers for our electricity and gas boxes too, which will make the front of the house look even better (fingers crossed).

Adventure at home (be creative)

Although travel isn’t feasible at the moment, you will have plenty of time to plan future trips (just maybe don’t book anything), reminisce over past travels and showcase your adventure memories across your home!

13. Create a photo wall

Now’s the perfect time to go through all those printed holiday pics and get them up on the wall for you to see on a daily basis! We love having pictures from all of our adventures on display – it’s so nice to look back at what we’ve done and where we’ve been.

We’ve got a few frames to put up that will have some of our favourite shots from the USA (picture to follow). We’ve also created a little polaroid wall so we can see all of our memories from the past few months!

14. Plan future trips

Just because we can’t travel right now, doesn’t mean that we can’t travel ever again! Start planning those dream trips – and whilst we wouldn’t advise booking something – it doesn’t mean you can’t get excited for the future! This social distancing and travel ban isn’t forever!!

We’re going to look at some trips we want to take later in the year (hopefully) and as soon as this blows over, we can start booking!

We know this situation isn’t ideal but…

We’ve got to make the best of a bad situation, embrace this new ‘normality’ and try to see the positive side of social distancing. Hopefully we’ve given you a few ideas to keep you busy over the coming weeks / months.

Take the opportunity to do what you’ve been meaning to do – get fit, get creative or just enjoy a little down time!

We’d love to hear what you’re spending your days doing, so let us know!

Adios for now,

Char & Mar x

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