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Our top 10 favourite places to eat in New York

As you may, or may not, know we are HUGE foodies! We love to embrace the food wherever we are and enjoy tasting new cuisines. Whilst America isn’t renowned for its fine dining as such, it is renowned for some very scrummy delicacies.

When we did our American road trip a few years back, we tried pretty much every element of American food, from their infamous takeaways, to corndogs, to a southern bbq. So when we were exploring New York second time round, we decided to take a little more notice to where we were eating.

As always we were on a budget, so didn’t venture to some of New York’s more respected restaurants BUT we think the places we visited were perfect for reasonably priced (yet still so yummy) food!

Check out our favourite places to grab a bite in NYC below! (and dw we’ll add links where we can, so you can check them out too!)

Our top 10 NYC eateries / restaurants / cafes

1. Patzeria Family & Friends

This list of places is in no particular order BUT we thought it was important to put Patzeria Family & Friends first as it most definitely is our favourite place to eat in New York.

We’ve been to this pizzeria twice now and both times we’ve been blown away by the food! The pizza’s are of course massive but they’re also so, so, so delicious!

They are rated 56 / 10,000 NYC restaurants on TripAdvisor, which we think is bloody brilliant! And for $50 you will get a 20″ pizza to share and two beers – pretty good for NYC prices!

2. Beer Authority

This is also somewhere we’ve been to a couple of times. The food is pretty standard BUT it’s such a fantastic atmosphere. Beer Authority is a sports bar that sits right by Port Authority bus station and is only a 5 minute walk to Madison Square Garden, so is great for a pre-game bite to eat and beer!

We have only had bar food from here so can’t recommend it for a sit down meal, but it’s just what you need after a busy day exploring. A nice cold pint of beer (they have like 200 different ones available!) and some chicken wings or Nachos!

3. Gransevoort Market / Chelsea Market

Gransevoort market is a rustic-industrial food hall near the High Line with various stalls of cooked food and produce! We stopped here for a mid-morning snack on our way to the business district, and we’re so glad we did.

All the food looked so yummy but we opted for a corn dog – which we personally feel is a must for anyone visiting America!

It’s located just round the corner from Chelsea Market, which we also strolled through. The food again looked so yummy but we didn’t get a chance to try anything! You’ll find boutique shops, food stalls and various other stalls, such as a florist, in Chelsea Market.

4. Cookies @ Sweet Corner

This again was located on our walk from Mid-Manhattan to the business district. We stumbled across Sweet Corner and just couldn’t resist popping in. We both opted for cookies, which were to die for, but all the other cakes and sweet stuff looked delicious!

They also serve drinks, with seating inside and out so it’s perfect for a little break from exploring!

Note – they only take card here, so make sure you have one on you!

5. Melt Shop

We seem to stumble upon a lot of the places we rate highly, and this was no exception. With four Melt Shops located in Manhattan, there should be one relatively close to your hotel or one of the main sites.

We went here twice in our last visit as we loved it so much! They’re famous for their grilled cheese sandwiches and chicken. We’ve tried both and were not disappointed by either. Also, make sure to check out their tater tots – they’re so scrummy!!

6. Sticky’s Finger Joint

There seems to be a recurring theme with our food choices… Sticky’s is another fast food outlet serving chicken. And again, it’s so yummy! There’s a great selection of sauces to pair with the chicken, and they even do chicken burgers. We opted for a side of parmesan and truffle fries which were incredible so make sure you try these too!

7. Black Iron Burger

For our last meal in NYC we thought we’d treat ourselves to a sit down meal. Black Iron Burger is in central Manhattan, not far from Times Square and is pretty highly rated on TripAdvisor.

We can definitely confirm that the burgers here are unreal! There’s a pretty great selection to choose from and I probably could have eaten all of them, given the chance…

They have happy hour here too (like a lot of places in NYC) so try and book a table during this time, it definitely makes drinks a little cheaper!

8. Junior’s Cheesecake

You may, or may not, have heard of Juniors. It’s located right by Times Square and serves traditional New York cuisine, including Ruben Sandwiches and NY Cheesecake. So of course we had to stop here for a slice of cheesecake on our last night!

There’s a main restaurant – which seems to always be busy – and also a little takeaway section right next door. As the restaurant was a 20 minute wait, we decided to grab a slice to go! We chose the raspberry cheesecake, which was delicious!

9. Westway Diner

If you’re looking for the ultimate American dining experience make sure you check out Westway! It’s a classic diner, open 24/7, which feels like you’ve been transformed back to the 60’s.

The food is pretty good, portions are massive and staff are friendly – but it’s the throwback experience that you need to go for!

Be warned, this place can get VERY busy, especially at the weekends so be prepared to queue!

10. Takeaway pizza

New York is pretty famous for it’s takeaway pizzas – and if you’ve watched Friends, you’ll know that small portions are definitely not a problem in NYC!

We decided to get take out one evening to keep costs down, so headed round to 2 Bros. Pizza and got a large (only size other than individual slices) takeaway pizza for $18 – which is a bargain compared to restaurant pizza prices!!

Dw – there are plenty of pizza take out shops all across New York so there is plenty to choose from!

Have we missed your favourite NYC eateries?

There’s obviously thousands of other places to eat in New York, whether it’s for a sit down meal or a snack on the go, but these are our faves!

Let us know if there’s somewhere we’ve missed off that you’d recommend us trying next time we’re stateside!

Don't forget to try a delicious pretzel or bagel from one of the street stands - until you do, you won't truly experience New York! 

Adios for now,

Char & Mar x


We know travel is a little restricted right now due to Coronavirus but i’m sure once everything returns to a bit of normality, we’ll be back on the road again! Stay safe and keep washing your hands!

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