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Tinwood Vineyard – the perfect West Sussex day trip

DSC_0219DSC_0218If you follow our Instagram, you’ll know that we’ve recently visited the Tinwood Estate. Located in West Sussex, close to Chichester and the South Downs National Park, the estate is home to 65 acres of vineyard. Spanning as far as the eye can see, it can be easy to mistake this beautiful location in southern England for the South of France!

We decided to visit Tinwood after recommendations of the fantastic wine tasting and vineyard tour. So, what better time to book in than for a belated Mother’s Day present for both our Mum’s! So on a sunny Saturday at the beginning of July, we set off for an afternoon in one of the UK’s top vineyards.

What’s on offer?

You can visit Tinwood any day of the week for an evening drink, an overnight stay or a vineyard tour and wine tasting.


We did the wine tasting so let’s start with that…

For just £18 a person, you get a short tour of the vineyard, with plenty of photo opportunities, a history of the estate and a wine tasting of three (delicious) sparkling wines. We thought the tasting was fantastic value for money as not only do you get to taste the wine, you are given a brief history of the estate and you learn about how the wine is made. This is a must if you’re interested in the tasting experience. For an additional £14 you can order a cheese board to have during the tasting – not only is it delicious, it’s local produce which is fab!

You can also visit Tinwood during their open hours for a glass (or bottle) of the wine on offer. We are yet to do this but if we get a warm evening, I definitely think we will head over to the estate for a relaxing drink on the terrace.


Getting there

DSC_0451Located close to both Goodwood, Chichester and the A27, the accessibility is reasonable. You can get a taxi from Chichester centre or you can drive (if you’re not drinking) and park in the car park on the estate – we recommend the first option for obvious reasons…

Whilst it’s not as easy to access via public transport, there’s clear reasons as to why this is. The estate is surround by acres of vineyard, in the middle of the West Sussex countryside, so make sure to plan ahead and book taxis if you’re staying nearby or catching a train to Chichester Station.

Where to stay

Whilst we live close enough to Tinwood to not need to stay overnight, there are plenty of local villages that host quaint B&Bs and Chichester itself is full of hotels and airbnbs, so there’s lots of options.

Tip: Be careful to check events at Goodwood when you plan your visit as it can make the whole experience much more expensive – especially if you’re staying somewhere local or planning to get taxis!

Tinwood even have three small lodges, located right on the vineyard that are available for overnight stays. This is something we’d love to experience at some point in the future – they look AMAZING!

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What’s not to love!

We absolutely loved our afternoon at the vineyard and hope that after reading this, you’ll struggle to find a reason not to go… What’s not to love, English wine, beautiful vineyards and tasty cheese boards!


We hope to get out and about a bit more in the area surrounding our new home, so stay tuned for more blog posts!

Adios for now,

Love Char & Mar xxx

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