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Island adventures – Five day trips in Tenerife

Tenerife is the perfect place for a nice relaxing holiday, spending hours soaking up the sun, reading a book by the pool or taking a dip in the ocean. BUT it has so much more on offer.

IMG_3500-2The less predictable weather of the volcanic island means some days soaking up the sun just isn’t as fun (especially when there is no sun to be seen!). On these days we always like to take the opportunity to head out and explore some of the amazing sights Tenerife has to offer.

Over the years, we have explored Teide, Los Cristianos, Los Gigantes, Masca and Garachico. All of these places offer a completely different experience and have so much to offer.

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Read on to hear our tips for visiting each of these place!

There are so many more day trips available but we’re yet to embark on those!

Mount Teide: Spain’s highest peak

IMG_9025The Canary Islands are a range of volcanic islands situated off the North coast of Africa. Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands and is host to Spain’s highest peak – Mount Teide (an active volcano!).

The volcano is situated in a huge national park and has activities for all ages, from the cable car that takes you to the peak, to bars and restaurants with the best volcano views! The park is easily accessible from most parts of the island and has a good road network throughout.


Tip: make sure to stop on the journey to and from the volcano as the views are spectacular!

Los Cristianos: beaches, shopping and more!

The town along the south west cost is home to Tenerife’s port and is a very popular destination for cruise ship visitors and tourists! The town hosts water sports, beach art, shops and restaurants, and markets.

It’s definitely worth a visit to explore one of the busier towns on Tenerife’s south coast!


Los Gigantes: The Giants!

We love the town of Los Gigantes, named after the giants cliff that rise from the sea to a height of 850m! The town is absolutely beautiful and in our opinion is the best place to set sail on a boat trip. The boat trips range from one hour whale / dolphin watching trips through to day long chartered boats with food and drink!


Check out Masca Trekking for a one hour whale / dolphin watching trip for just 15 euros!!


Masca: the rolling hills of Tenerife

Despite visiting Tenerife several times before, we’ve only recently made the trip to Masca, a small village located at the bottom of the valley north of Los Gigantes. The journey to the village is through some very windy roads but the destination is worth every minute of the drive!

Masca is absolutely stunning, surrounded by endless mountains and greenery. Hidden directly behind some very tall cliffs, not to be seen from the ocean!

It’s a must if you’re on the island, and there are some lovely little restaurants and cafes from which you can soak up the beautiful views!


Garachico: a coastal town on the north coast

We’ve never ventured further north than Los Gigantes in previous years, but this year we decided it was about time. Following the road from Masca round to the north coast, we drove through some of the most beautiful scenery I’ve seen, it looked just like Indonesia!


The towns along the north all look lovely but we were drawn to Garachico, and it’s quaint village vibes. We mainly explored the port area, where you can watch local fishermen, scuba divers and swimmers enjoying the ocean!

The weather is renowned for being slightly harsher on the north of the island but it was just as beautiful!


Make sure to drive back towards Los gigantes via the road directly behind Garachico, the views from up the mountain are INCREDIBLE!


Is that it…

Tenerife has SO much to offer and we’re only just getting started! We plan to do more day trips each time we return and we’ll be sure to update you on our fun adventures!! So stay tuned!

Adios for now,

Love Char & Mar xxx

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