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Well deserved break in our home away from home – 7 reasons why you should visit Tenerife

If you’ve been following us for a while, you will know Tenerife holds a very big place in our hearts. Not only does it provide us with an inexpensive getaway, the island is constantly giving. We find new things to do each time we return!

It has been over two months since our last trip, hence the lack of blog posts, but we finally headed back to the airport for our annual trip to the Canary Islands. This break was well overdue, and Mar and I were both definitely in need of some R&R.


Thanks to the not so predictable weather, we actually spent a lot more time exploring the island that we usually would, including a trip to Masca and Garachico, a boat trip from Los Gigantes and paragliding across Adeje. Blog posts on each of these will follow but for now we want to leave you with some of our top things that would make anyone want to visit the beautiful island!

Here are 7 reasons why Tenerife should be your next holiday / travel destination:

1. The sunsets

Despite the fair amount of travelling we’ve both done, the sunsets in Tenerife are up there with some of the best! The colours are always amazing and no sunset is the same!

Photo: Sunset from the roof terrace in Callao Salvaje


2. Views for days

Tenerife has the most incredible terrain and everywhere you turn there is one amazing view or another, from the stunning sea views or the mountainous landscape.

Photo: view point on the way to Masca


3. Extreme coastline

Tenerife hosts some of the most beautiful coastline, from the cliffs of Los Gigantes to the black sand beaches.

Photo: Los Gigantes from the sea


4. Delicious dining with a view

A must whilst in Tenerife is to book dinner at a sea view restaurant, whether this be one located right along the coastline or further up the mountains overlooking the seaside villages and out across the ocean.

Photo: Dinner at Sauco, Alcalá


5. Beautiful flora

People always talk about how in Tenerife there are always beautiful flowers in bloom at all times of the year… From the beautiful bright colours of flowers growing along the side of the roads to the cacti you find everywhere you turn.

Photo: The beautiful flowers growing in the entrance to the apartment in Callao Salvaje


6. Seeing Whales and Dolphins in the wild

Tenerife is renowned for its whale and dolphin watching trips, especially those heading out from Los Gigantes. We have now been fortunate to see both. The trips are well regulated and there are strict rules in place to make sure the wildlife is protected at all costs!

Photo: Pilot whale spotted off the coast of Los Gigantes


7. Activities for all

We have taken some time over the years to try out some of the activities on offer, and we can assure you, there is something for everyone! This year we decided to give paragliding a go! It was amazing to see Tenerife from a birds eye view and the team we flew with were incredible! If this is something that you fancy, then make sure to hit up Airsports Tenerife (ask for Simon and say we referred you) – they were AMAZING!!

Photo: Paragliding overlooking La Caleta


We can’t wait to fill you in on all the details of our adventures from this year’s trip! It has been one we will treasure forever!!

Stay tuned to hear about more of our summer plans and where we’re heading next!

Adios for now,

Love Char & Mar xxx

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