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Our first home – renovation / moving in UPDATE

As you will all be aware by now, we have finally moved in together. Whilst the house was pretty much ready to live in (despite a few small repair jobs), we wanted to build our home on a relatively tight budget which meant a fair bit of up-cycling and making the most of second hand items from local charity shops / Facebook marketplace.

IMG_5794 2

‘Our first home’ blog post series will provide you with regular updates on how we’ve put our stamp on the house, turning it from a blank canvas to our home. We want to show you some of our bargain buys, repair / renovation work and the up-cycling projects we’ve taken on to save a few pounds.

The house isn’t quite finished BUT we’re getting there and are so excited to share our new home with you!

Top to bottom

We think it makes most sense to start with the areas that are most complete, which means starting at the top (upstairs) and working our way down and through the house!

To give you a bit of context, it’s a three-bed semi detached cottage style house, with two double bedrooms and a small single .

Nb: We have converted the smallest room into an office / dressing room to accommodate our work from home days and the lack of storage we have.

Let’s start with the bedrooms…

Our room – the master bedroom

When we first saw the house, we were amazed by how light it was. This was helped by the fact all the walls were white, however we knew that it would be quite overwhelming if we had too many neutral tones.

As we wanted to move in relatively fast, our quick fix option was to keep it white and just touch in the marks etc. This meant we’d need to bring colour in elsewhere until we had time to consider what colour we wanted the walls in each room.

The difficulty of bringing colour into a room with a limited budget means you’re restricted to getting what’s available at the time. I had an image in my head of having lots of dark wood in the room, with a white, grey and navy theme for the bedding.


After lots of searching for beds, the weeks prior to moving in, we’d almost given up with the dark wood furniture option. Luckily, just after we’d got the keys, we were able to find a beautiful wooden frame king size bed on Facebook marketplace! It was EXACTLY what we wanted and perfect for the theme we were going for. We picked it up a few days later and it fitted perfectly! Now we jut had to find some matching pieces…

My parents had very kindly given us some old side tables which we planned to up-cycle to match whatever colour bed we found, however we never actually needed to do this. The tables are a slightly different shade to the bed and are a bit rough around the edges but we didn’t mind how they looked next to the bed.


Storage… this was our next hurdle. As the house has very steep eaves, we were pretty restricted as to what storage we could actually have in our room. After a few weeks of living with a few storage boxes under the bed, we settled on a low-lying chest of drawers (found on Facebook marketplace) that would fit nicely into the bottom of the eave. Paired with a full length, free standing mirror, we think this was the perfect use of the space!


We still have a few bits to add to this room, including some pictures, so will post an update in our final house video!

Coastal getaway – the guest room

The initial idea with our spare room was to create a little snug which could act as an additional living area if needed. This idea quickly evolved into more of a coastal(ish) themed room due to our close proximity to the sea and the quietness of the area we live in. With the white walls, all we needed to add was some blue / seaside themed items to the room and we’d be well away!

We decided a day bed would be the best use of the space, meaning we could have a sofa type seat during the day and a full sized double bed at night. We’ve always wanted to have a guest room to host friends and family that come to stay but didn’t want the room to be restricted to just a bedroom. We picked up a second hand Ikea Hemnes day bed and matching chest of drawers off Facebook marketplace for less than a third of the price. Pairing these with white bedding, navy throw cushions and a lighter blue throw, we were already bringing the nautical theme to life!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As we’ve only been in the house for just over six weeks, we’ve got quite a way to go with all the rooms, especially in terms of trinkets, pictures and a lamps but we’ll definitely do a final post with the finished product!

Our tiny room… aka the office

We decided that one guest room was plenty, plus our other spare room is barely bigger than a closet so we thought best if we used it as our home office / dressing room.


The room hosts a desk, chair and triple wardrobe – nothing too fancy but perfect for our needs.

We have kept this room very simple and still have a few more finishing touches, including a filing cabinet, pictures / prints and a shelf for all of our box files etc. but apart from that there’s nothing major happening to this room!

The landing / reading nook

Our landing area is pretty spacious for a relatively small house, and we wanted to make the most of this!

We’ve added a comfy armchair and bookcase and created a lovely little reading nook. The skylight sits directly above the arm chair providing us with ample light during the day. Now we just need to find a battery powered lamp as we have no plug sockets on the landing!!!


What’s next…

So, that’s the upstairs of our house in an almost complete state! You may have noticed there is no mention of an upstairs bathroom… that’s because we have big plans for both the upstairs and downstairs bathroom, with a few reno projects included so we’ll save this for a later date!

We’re still working away on the downstairs so will provide an update of that in a few weeks time!

Travel update: We’re still loving our travels but putting most of our time and energy into the house at the moment! Although we do have a trip to Tenerife upcoming, we plan to get back on the road after the summer!

Adios for now,

Love Char & Mar xxx

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