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WE’RE MOVING IN!!! Our first home



As some of you may know from our Instagram, we announced some very exciting news a fortnight ago. For those of you that don’t know, WE’RE MOVING IN TOGETHER!!!

We’ve bagged ourselves a lovely little three bed, with very sloping ceilings (‘watch your head’ sloping), an amazing open living area and a cute little back garden. Not to mention the lovely little duck pond at the end of the lane!



After four and a half years together, we thought it was about time we embarked on the next adventure of our relationship! We’ve been in a long distance relationship for approximately 2 and a half years (since we left uni) and the struggle is VERY real. The difficulties of living in not only separate houses, but separate counties (separated by the dreaded m25 might I add…!), were beginning to show and it became apparent that our want to live together was becoming more of a necessity!



After practically living together in our final year of uni and also travelling for two separate stints, we are yet to kill each other so decided to take the plunge and work out where we were going to live!

My job is much more flexible with regards to working remotely than Marcus’ so the most obvious option was to move to Chichester (or the surrounding area) to be within a close enough distance to Mar’s work. Whilst this was a huge decider for us, the area is absolutely beautiful and it’s definitely somewhere we would have considered living regardless of our careers.


We picked up the keys to our new house on 18th March 2019 – a VERY exciting day for us both. We were slightly overwhelmed by the whole thing but so so happy at the same time!

GPTempDownload 3.JPG

We don’t actually move until the first week in April (this coming week) because we have had a fair bit to do, including painting and buying EVERYTHING  –  which isn’t cheap when it’s your first home…

Once we’re in and settled, we can’t wait to take you on a full guided tour of the house (well, once it’s furnished)!


We are moving to the small village of Fishbourne, just on the outskirts of Chichester. There is a lush country pub right next door and masses of walks surrounding the entire village!

Screenshot 2019-03-29 at 20.15.34.png

NOTE: I'll be writing a blog post in the foreseeable future on what to do in the area!

What’s next…

Whilst we would love to continue travelling as much as we have done over the past 18 months, moving in together is not only a huge step in our relationship but also a big tie financially. We will continue to travel, just less frequently (she says whilst spending the weekend in Berlin…) and probably to closer locations. HOWEVER, once we’re settled, we can start saving again and will be back on the travel hype ASAP. Stay tuned to find out more on our 2019 travel itinerary (WIP).

Adios for now,

Love Char & Mar xxx

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