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Rewind… Where it all began!

Whilst most of our blog posts cover all the amazing places we’ve been and things we’re done, we’re going to take a slightly different approach this time and go back four and a half years to when we first met… Everyone knows we’re avid travellers and will escape our 9-5 jobs as frequently as we possibly can, but not everyone knows WHY we love to travel so much and where this love first started.


Rewind to September 2013… two 19 year olds excited to head off to university – not aware of who they were about to meet, let alone the journey they were going to embark on!

Marcus and I met at Southampton University. I had just returned from five months ‘gap-yarrrr’ travelling across SE Asia, Australia and New Zealand and Marcus was returning from a year out of education, so we were both eager to get started on this new stage of our lives. We shared a flat with four others in our first year, we all had THE best time and all became such good friends!

After a year of becoming the closest friends, we decided to try out this relationship malarky (4 and a half years later and we’re still going strong!) and what better way to celebrate than heading off on our first holibobs together! We jetted off to the lovely Tenerife! We had the most amazing time and decided from then on to make it an annual trip (which it has been so far).

Across our time at uni we didn’t do a huge amount of travelling – probably due to the fact we were poor students… But we did manage to fit in a few trips, specifically in 2015, when we both turned 21. Madrid was first on the list. Our first city break and our first taste of travelling… We immediately fell in love with the city and exploring a new place. I already knew I loved visiting new places, meeting new people, and seeing different cultures, but this was when we realised it was something we both absolutely loved! Prague was next. This was my 21st birthday present from Marcus and what a present it was! The Czech Republic is beautiful and Prague is no exception. The weather was beautiful and it again reiterated our new found love for exploring.

After three of the most amazing years in Southampton, and limited travel, we both graduated in July 2016. However, we both very quickly decided that we weren’t quite ready for real life to kick in just yet! So the planning began for our 7-week trip across Europe. We’ve both always been interested in inter-railing and what better time to embark on a new adventure, before the reality of adulthood really started.

We defined a route starting in Amsterdam, working our way through to Cologne, Krakow, Vienna, Budapest, Athens, Rome, Florence and Barcelona (Nb. Europe blog posts to follow in the months to come). This was the trip that really gave us the travel bug. Being able to travel and explore for 7 weeks straight – with no ties or responsibilities – we fell in love! Europe was a great place to start and we love that it’s so easy to return as it’s right on our door step.

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We returned in September, just in time for Marcus to begin his Masters and for me to head into the world of work, although I knew it wasn’t the last time we’d head off on a travel adventure. The travel blues kicked in a few months after our return and we knew we had to start planning our next escape. We decided to organise something for the following year (2018) as Marcus would have graduated from his Masters and I would have been in my role long enough to take a sabbatical. This time we knew the 7 week stint wouldn’t do the trick, so we doubled the duration and embarked on a three month trip across the Americas – cue the start of our blog!!

Our trip across the Americas has well and truly solidified our love for travel and we are now on a mission to upkeep a travel lifestyle whilst working 9-5 jobs! Since returning from our trip in April we have already ticked off a few more places on our bucketlist, with a couple more in the pipeline, including a weekend break next week, and there’s plenty more to come!

Keep following our blog and our instagram to hear where we’re going next…

Adios for now,

Love Char & Mar xxx

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