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Tenerife – Our home away from home

Although we love visiting and exploring new places, there is one place we will never tire of visiting – Tenerife. Luckily for us, Marcus’ parents own a beautiful apartment in a little village called Callao Salvaje, which is located on the South West of the island, only a short drive from Los Gigantes, Adeje and Tenerife South Airport (TFS). We first ventured to the canaries as a couple in 2014. Marcus has been going there for many years previous, and after our first trip together, I completely understood why his whole family love it so much. It’s a home away from home.

As we have so much love for Tenerife, and the Canarian lifestyle, we wanted to share a bit of an insight into why we continue to go back there year after year.

Most people see the Canary Islands as a maxin’ and relaxin’ holiday destination, and although this is the main reason why we love it, there are SO many other amazing things to see and do during your visit. We’ve listed a few of them below.

  • A boat trip from Los Gigantes
  • Exploring local towns
  • A visit to El Teide
  • Dining in Los Abrigos
  • A visit to the Abama Hotel
  • Flamenco dancing in San Juan
  • Sunset at Alcalá
  • Exploring the port of Los Cristianos


We are HUGE foodies and always make the most of trying new cuisine wherever we go – Tenerife is no exception! Tenerife is a Spanish island, and much of the food is very similar to that of which you would find in mainland Spain, including lots of tapas, paella and padron peppers. There are however some that you will only find in the Canary Islands. One of our personal favourites is Canarian potatoes – salted boiled potatoes served with Mojo sauce. We also love trying local fish – one of the best we’ve had is dorado. We would definitely recommend visiting Los Abrigos and La Caleta if you are interested in trying local seafood!

Across our many visits to the island, we have tried and tested a number of fantastic restaurants, some of which we’ve included below:

  • Sauco, Alcalá – Excellent food and the perfect sunset setting!
  • Char Modern Cocina and Grill, La Caleta (best steak around!)
  • La Bocarie, Playa San Juan


Tenerife wine is some of the best we’ve had! You can purchase a fantastic bottle of red from the local supermarket for as little as 2 euros. This is definitely a case of not judging the wine by its price, in a lot of cases we’ve found the cheaper wines are often better!

Drinking out isn’t a huge expense at the majority of Tenerifian bars / restaurants, with most beach bars serving a pint of Dorada (local Tenerifian beer) for 1 euro! Whilst we generally make the most of the cheap alcohol, there are a few bars that are more expensive but definitely worth a visit. We don’t tend to visit the larger chains when we’re on our travels, but the Hard Rock Hotel in Playa Paraiso is an exception. The drinks are pricey but the view of the sunset it worth every penny! The hotels are tall skyscraper buildings that provide you with a beautiful view of the sun setting over La Gomera – it’s definitely worth a visit!

Things to do

The majority of our trips to Tenerife are spent by the pool or at the beach, we generally like to take the time to relax and make the most of not being at work! However, across our first few visits, we spent a lot of time exploring the island and what it has to offer. Tenerife has something for everyone, from mountain hikes to shopping malls.

Some of our favourite things to do include a boat trip by the cliffs of los gigantes. You can go on an hour whale / dolphin watching tour from the main port at los gigantes for only 15 euros. We have been on this trip a couple of times and have never been disappointed! We also recommend a visit to El Teide, the drive is quite treacherous but the views are so worth it (tip: make the most of the view points on the drive up, as the views are just as good as those from the top). Once you’ve reached as far as you can go by car,  you can opt to get a cable car that takes you right to the top of the volcano!


As a beach holiday destination, Tenerife has a lot to offer. Ranging from the imported white sand of Las Americas, to the natural black sand beaches further round the coast.  We have stumbled across a few over the years that we go back to religiously now. The Abama hotel has a beautiful private cove, which can be accessed by the public so long as you’re happy to take the long walk down the stairs to the beach. The beach is lovely, and well protected from the choppy seas, so perfect for swimming and paddling. We also enjoy visiting the natural rock pools at Alcalá (just don’t forget your water shoes!). The pools depth is determined by the sea so they’re much better for swimming at high tide, but for those just wanting a nice location to relax, these are lovely!

Scratching the surface…

As with all the places we visit, we are never able to cover everything – this is just a selection of a few of our favourite must see / dos for those visiting the Canaries. We love everything about Tenerife, from the amazing food and wine to the beautiful beaches and landscapes. We will continue to explore the Canary Islands and I am sure we will add a whole new array of restaurants and things to do to our list across the years!

We’re finally heading off on another adventure. This time within the British Isles…  Although our trips are few and far between at the moment, we’re trying to get away as much as possible (despite some restrictions) and will continue to provide updates on everywhere we visit!

Adios for now,

Love Char & Mar xxx

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