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Toronto & Niagara Falls – our final week travel diary

Hello from Toronto! This blog post is sad for two reasons, 1) it’s the last stop on our trip and 2) it’s going to be very short and probably a little boring due to the ice storm that hit Ontario badly during our stay!


We arrived in Toronto on Thursday evening and took a cab straight to our Airbnb. The city looked amazing – full of skyscrapers and bright lights! There had been some issues with the stairs that connect to the plane on arrival in Toronto which delayed us quite significantly, and we didn’t get to our Airbnb until around 11pm. We thought it would be wise to grab a small bite to eat and head to bed to save ourselves for what we had in store over the next few days.

Our first morning in Toronto was pretty grey and miserable. The city still looked cool and we could see the CN tower from our balcony! We spent most of our first day exploring downtown Toronto and more specifically St Lawrence Market, a fantastic food market filled with all sorts of goodies and treats!

That evening we’d found out the Toronto Rocks (the city’s box lacrosse team) were playing so we headed to the Air Canada Centre, which is also home to the Toronto Raptors Basketball team. It was great fun, the game was really intense and quite aggressive but we loved it! Upon leaving the stadium, the rain had really picked up and it was hammering it down, we headed straight back to the warmth of our Airbnb!!

Day two in Toronto and the rain had turned to sleet, the spectacular CN tower had disappeared into the thick low lying cloud and the temperature had dropped dramatically. We bravely walked through the thick sleet/snow which had begun to settle, heading to a nearby shopping mall before finding our way to the closest coffee shop! Our explorations outdoors didn’t last very long as we were soaked through and freezing, and the idea of a nice warm coffee and cake indoors was far more appealing. Later that afternoon we made the most of the complex facilities at our Airbnb by doing a short workout, followed by a swim! Our evening consisted of some very yummy food, including Camembert and steak – what a treat!!

The weather the following day was even worse than we’d seen previously! We woke up to even thicker cloud and the sleet had turned to full on snow. The ground was covered and we knew we were in for another slow paced day. To avoid spending all of our time in the Airbnb, we headed out late morning and found ourselves another coffee shop where we spent some time writing postcards and reminiscing about how fantastic our twelve week trip has been. We took a short walk around downtown before heading to the supermarket to pick up some lunch. The snow was like hail – so painful when it hit your skin! After a quick stop at the supermarket, we headed back to our place where we had another lazy afternoon before gym and swim (again…!).

Niagara Falls

The penultimate day of our trip had arrived and we were off to Niagara Falls! After a two hour bus journey we’d made it to the falls. The weather was pretty similar to Toronto but that didn’t matter as the falls were incredible! We had the most amazing view from our hotel room that overlooked the Horseshoe falls from the Canadian side (which offers a far better view of the falls than the U.S side). With only 30 odd hours in Niagara, we made the most of our time there, visiting all the main attractions, including the ‘Journey Behind The Falls’ which was breathtaking and extremely loud being so close the edge of the falls. That evening we headed out for a final treat dinner to celebrate the amazing time we’ve had over the past three months. The restaurant we went to overlooked the American side of the falls which was all lit up! What a great way to spend our final night!

Waking up to the amazing view of Niagara Falls was the best way to start our final day! We spent the last of our time in Canada with a lovely brunch overlooking the falls before exploring a bit more (as it had finally stopped raining!). That afternoon we hopped on the bus back to Toronto Pearson International airport to check-in for the 14th and final flight of our trip!

Three months travelling around South and North America has come to an end – how emotional! What an amazing time we’ve had and we can’t quite believe how many incredible places we have been fortunate enough to visit. From the humidity of Rio, to the hectic hustle and bustle of New York, to the California chill, we’ve loved every second – and have both definitely caught the travel bug! Whilst it may be time for us to head home and face reality, it certainly won’t be the last trip we go on! We’ve loved keeping a track of our trip and really hope you’ve enjoyed reading all of our updates. We will be a bit quiet for a while but will definitely post updates on any future trips we plan to take!!!

Adios for now,

Love Char & Mar x

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