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Vegas…take two – our travel diary

So, our road trip has come to an end and what a better place to finish it than Vegas. We had so much fun the first time round so were very excited for what it had in store this time.

Our first night back in the city was spent outside the centre in Henderson, as we had plans to visit a gun range the following day. After packing up the car, we drove around 20 minutes to the range, it was in the middle of nowhere! We headed straight for the main centre and chose the guns we wanted to shoot. Between us we had an uzi, an ak47, a 9mm glock, a desert eagle and a sniper! Quite the selection. We then took a golf buggy over to the part of the range that we were to shoot from. Our guide was very helpful and everything was very safe! We took it in turns to shoot our guns and it was such great fun, albeit a little scary!!! The entire activity only took around half an hour so once we were done, we headed straight back to Vegas to make the most of the rest of the day!

Our hotel was great, a little further out than before but that didn’t bother us. We made the most of the pool at the hotel and Marcus watched the AJ boxing match! That evening we decided to head out on the strip (an excuse to get dressed up!). We made our way to the Bellagio (our favourite casino) and bumped into the rep that we’d met the previous time, he offered us entry into The Bank nightclub, situated in the Bellagio, and luckily we were offered a booth with drinks so we were able to experience Vegas in full VIP style! When our feet started to ache from all the dancing, we made our way back into the casino for a few spins before heading back to the hotel. Time passes so quickly in the casinos and before we knew it, we were well into the early hours! Time for bed we think!

The next day in Vegas was a slight write off – we both had very sore heads and decided the best thing for us was to spend the day at the hotel, only venturing out to drop back our rental car – sad times 😦 4500 miles and a whole month later we were saying goodbye to the car that took us around California! What a journey we had!

After moping our way back to the hotel, we chilled by the pool before having a very early night! 23 and can’t hack a hangover – what is the world coming too!!!

Final day in Vegas – it was 29 degrees and we were both up for a full day making the last of the hot weather before heading to rainy Canada! We spent the morning by the pool and then walked towards the strip to visit our second last fast food stop (before trying all the major fast food chains in the USA), White Castle, it was delicious! The rest of the afternoon was spent exploring a couple of other casinos and the miracle mile shopping centre (picking up some last minute presents!!).

That evening we got our glad rags on again and went to the Stratosphere for a drink at the Air Bar – the views are incredible – especially when the strip is all lit up! We then went back to the Bellagio for one more spin before heading back to our hotel. A 6am flight the following morning meant a 3am wake up call and unfortunately, an early night!

This is the end of our time in the States… for now! We’ve had the most amazing two months exploring loads of different states (18 so far – including the ones we’ve passed through on buses and in the car). With one more stop in Seattle, en route from Vancouver to Victoria, we’re not quite done with the USA yet but for now we’re Canada bound!

Updates to follow… 🇨🇦

Adios for now,

Love Char & Mar x

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